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Core Values

Core Values

COMMITMENT TO VINCENTIAN EXCELLENCE: Dedication to the highest ideals in the continuing pursuit of quality Christian and Vincentian Education.

RESPECT FOR HUMAN DIGNITY: Reverence for every person and concern for promotion of life, human rights and total human development.

RESPECT FOR GOD'S CREATION: Reverence and care for God's creation and promotion of ecological sustainability.

ADVOCACY OF PERSONS WHO ARE POOR: Love of and preference for the poor as to orient the entire community in favor of the poor/persons in poverty situations; readily working for truth, justice and peace at all times; consistently living simple and transparent lives in relationships and chosen careers; observing social responsibility and accountability in the classroom, in the community and in the workplace; including a passion that engenders caring, compassionate life witnessing in human communities, among fellow citizens and within the church.

SIMPLICITY: Love of and living out of truth and freedom, honesty and transparency in relationships, living a modest and simple lifestyle in solidarity with the less privileged.